Finding your Past Life Karma using Vedic astrology


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Finding your Past Life Karma using Vedic astrology

Throughout this existence, we have each got a lot of karmic experiences to acquire, whether or not we accept in prior lifetimes. These could have to do with our personal lives, work, self-worth, or even just trying to say goodbye to things. It will be karmic if it keeps happening until you have thoroughly absorbed the lesson, which will become obvious. One technique we may utilise to comprehend the karmic teachings that frequently result from our previous incarnations is past-life Vedic astrology. There are allusions to earlier incarnations in Hindu tradition that are associated with the Hindu reincarnation theory. Vedic astrology is adamant that a spirit waits for the appropriate configuration or constellation to be reborn on Earth because it holds the key to understanding how our collected karma from previous lifetimes appears this time around.

Here’s how to identify your Past Life Karma in your kundli through Vedic Astrology:

1) Whenever Mangal becomes retrograde and it’s connected to the Lagna or the ruler of the 6th, ninth, or twelfth house, there will be substantial upcoming karmas connected to, amongst many other things, brothers, competitors, spouses (in Nadi), battling, legal issues, property, construction, warfare, boldness, emperors, and Kshatriya. To find out, particularly what the sorrow is related to, look at the placement and amount of elements aspecting the reversed mars.

2) If Saturn is in retrograde and occupies the positions of Lagna or Trik bhavas, it could indicate large outstanding karmas relating to one’s social activities, encompassing conduct, profession, commerce, responsibilities, sins, offences, employees, close companions, neighbourhood, ownership, cropland, and population, among several other things.

  1. If Jupiter goes retrograde, a person could have outstanding karma linked to a religious leader, supervisor or mother they knew in a prior incarnation, or it could be related to a school or instruction they previously studied, or this could be associated to their learning, or it may be tied to a Hindu or Gurukul, or it could represent the karma the god has instructed them to accomplish in this life, etc.

4) When Venus is dominant in one’s kundali, one may suffer difficulties, some karmic debt, unresolved karma marital problems, wealth, or luxury, especially with the spouse or sweetheart they may encounter. Another obligation is to support one’s fiancée, partner, buddy, or elder sister. This obligation is connected to one’s sister, ties, and spouse. An unpleasant lesson about marriage or relationships might be learned from the combination of the Sun and Saturn.

Past Life Karma using Vedic astrology

5) The planet Saturn seems to be the assessor of our karma, regardless of whether it’s former, current, or prospective, according to Vedic astrology, and anything we do in life is either honoured or penalised by that of the planet Saturn. This renders it a crucial planet to consider when using kundli to study previous lives.

7) Consider the sixth residence. One can decipher the Shadripus that has to be traversed to accomplish one’s life goal by looking at the planets housed in the kundali. The elements in this house, as well as its ruler, show any unresolved karma from this incarnation that has to be resolved to go over the barrier of this life’s phase and move on to the next.


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