Launch a ‘Next-gen’ Gojek Clone for Your On-demand Business


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Gojek Clone app for Your On-demand Business

Today, mobile apps have become a one-stop shop for customers. A single app offers a wide range of services spanning online food ordering, taxi booking, hiring professional massage therapists, and much more.

Millions of users are switching to these super apps, opening a whole new opportunity for you to start a business. See how the Gojek Clone Super appcan help you.

The consumer demand for super apps offering multiple services is high. These apps provide ease of use to customers and ensure that they get everything at their fingertips.

The verdict always winds up being in favor of one statement – “launch a super-app if you want to become successful in the on-demand industry.”

So, let’s do it! See what you get to offer with an advanced multi-service app.

101+ Services In One Advanced Gojek App Clone!

The application integrates innumerable features that make it work smoothly and much faster as compared to other multi-service platforms.

The services offered on this futuristic Gojek-like app are –

  • Taxi ride booking: Uber-like taxi booking services including rentals and taxi pool. Users can easily book the rides whenever they want and got to their destination fast.
  • On-demand services: at-home on-demand professional services like a car wash, hairstyling, mechanics, phone repair, etc. Your users can view all the professionals available near them, check & compare their profiles, and book the services.
  • Online video consultation: consult a doctor, tutor, yoga instructor, astrologer, etc. on video calls. By booking an online video consultation, your users avoid stepping outside their homes to visit a professional until it’s necessary. From the comfort of their homes, users can get a solution to every problem!
  • On-demand deliveries from stores: users can order food, groceries, flowers, medicines, water bottles, etc. online with just a few taps on the screen. Along with ordering the stuff, your users can also track the delivery driver’s location, call or message them, pay online, and so much more with this single app.
  • Service bidding: users can post tasks for handyman services and get bids from nearby providers in real time. They can then compare their profiles, services, ratings, and reviews before hiring one of the bidding parties.
  • Parcel delivery: your users can easilysend documents, furniture, cement bags, etc. to local addresses by simply booking the service online.
  • Delivery Genie and Runner: users can alsohire professional-shopper or errand runners on-demand.

Wait! The List of On-demand Services Doesn’t End Here

There are ample services available on the Gojek-likesuper app that will help your customers live a comfortable lifestyle.

The on-demand multi-service app is one big platform with 101+ services. This application comes with basic services such as taxi-ride booking, on-demand store deliveries, and professional services like hairstyling, mechanic, car washer, etc. on-demand.

Plus, with the Gojek Clone super appusers can send parcels to local addresses, book online video consultations with experts, get bids for handyman services and hire a delivery Genie and Runner.

Take a look at other services that you get along with the above-mentioned ones.

Buy & sell real estate

This advanced Gojek app clone allows its users to post property details and easily buy and sell them. With this app, they can quickly find legitimate leads, which is good news for those who wish to sell their real estate properties on priority.

Sellers can list information on villas, apartments, industrial sheds, and other real estate properties on the app.

Buy, sell, & rent cars

Users can sign up on the app and post a listing of cars that they wish to sell their cars or offer to rent them out for a set time.

With the Gojek Clone Super app, users can choose a paid plan and have their ad displayed among other Featured ads.

Buy, sell, & rent general items

On this advanced Gojek-like super app, users can now buy, sell, and rent common commodities or general items like sports equipment, furniture, electronics, lawn & garden tools, etc.

Users can post several photographs of the item along with additional information like its condition, resale, or rent price. 

Moreover, every additional detail will help the buyer or renter to get a better idea of the item.


This service is peer-to-peer. That is, offered by one user to another. Users who are driving between cities can post about their trip and offer a ride-sharing service.

Other users can reserve a seat in the owner’s car if they want to travel to the same destination on the given schedule.

Thus, the user offering carpooling can make money on every seat that is booked.

On-demand medical services

With this super-appservice, users can get immediate medical help with just a few taps.

Users can easily book an appointment with a medical expert, and schedule an online video consultation. Also, they can order medicines online, book an ambulance, and an appointment with their pet’s vet.

Track family members and employees

The advanced Gojek-like appallows users to track their family members and employees in real-time.

By simply creating a profile and installing the app on their loved one’s phones, they can start the tracking facility. Also, employers can know the current location of their employees while they are on fieldwork during office hours.

To maintain privacy, this tracking system can be turned off anytime.

Search nearby businesses

Users can look up nearby businesses like cafes, gyms, spas, hospitals, etc. on Gojek Clone.  All they need to do is select the category they are looking for.

Within seconds a list of all the nearby businesses registered under that category will be displayed on the screen.

Here, users can also see their operational hours, contact details,  an option to place an order online, book a taxi, and view offers & discounts.

In Conclusion:

Are you ready to rule the on-demand multi-service industry in your region? Do you want to quickly earn the name of a successful business? Then, get the Gojek Clone Super app.

Connect with industry experts today and get your hands on a pre-built solution. With this ready-made solution, you can start your own business in just one to two weeks.

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