Rigid Boxes With Lids Can Swing Your Loss to Profit


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Rigid Boxes with Lids are used to store expensive items, and these are the thickest and best-quality packing materials. Rigid cardboard boxes with LID can hold jewels, fragrances, fine china, electronics, etc. Due to their superior quality, they are also used as rigid gift boxes.

These Rigid Boxes allow you to personalize your rigid packaging. Printing processes, color models, add-ons, and finish coatings create unique rigid boxes for your business.

Creative Rigid Box Printing Techniques

Many different techniques can be used for rigid box printing, and some of the most common include screen printing, lithography, and digital printing. Screen printing is a popular choice for Rigid Boxes With Lids because it allows for a high level of detail and can be done relatively quickly.

Lithography is another popular choice, as it offers a high degree of detail and can be done on various materials. Digital printing is a newer technology becoming increasingly popular for box printing as it offers a high degree of accuracy and detail.

Offset Presses

The image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and finally to the printing surface via offset press printing on Rigid Boxes With Lids. High-volume printing calls for this printing technique, and high-quality prints obviously benefit offset press printmaking. This method produces sharp visuals and high-definition graphics on your product packaging. Offset printing requires a long initial setup time.


Rather, digital printing saves time and money for both small and big projects. However, the picture quality is inferior to offset print, and it is also convenient, time-saving, and easy to modify.

Color Model (PMS)

This color model is generated in the Pantone Matching System. It’s used for precise spot colors, and it also delivers color accuracy and constancy, although at the expense of brightness. It also assures device correctness with color codes for over 1800 colors.

Amazing Rigid Box Add-Ons

These finish your customized Rigid Boxes With Lids with your business logo, title, or other information. Customer satisfaction may be improved by adding features like embossed and debossed paper.

For your convenience, we have listed the add-ons below.


Engraving and embossing can be a powerful tools for creating an elevated experience for your customers. Embossing allows you to create a three-dimensional effect on rigid surfaces. This texturing will create an added touch of luxury and elegance to your products and brand. Embossing and engraving add an extra layer to your business’s brand and can create a lasting impression on your customers.  


You may give certain sections or features a raised appearance with debossing, attracting the customer.

Patching/ Die Cut

Rigid Boxes With Lids that have a translucent PVC window is a great way to improve the packaging of your products and can even contribute to driving your business forward. A rigid box with a lid is a great way to package your products. This type of packaging has been around for quite some time and is perfect for protecting products while also providing a window that allows buyers to see your products. 

The transparent window helps sell your products even before they are opened. This allows the customer to check out your product before buying it and helps them make a decision about your product before they even see it. 

This window is also great for providing additional information about your product. This can include things like the product’s ingredients, nutritional information, and any other information that could be helpful for consumers.

UV Spot Cutting

A glossy overlay over an area or feature highlights it.

Stamping or Foiling

If you have been in the business of manufacturing packaging wholesale rigid boxes with lids, you must have been constantly trying to push the limits of what you can do and what you can offer to the customers. Of course, you are required to follow industry standards and norms. But you should also try to experiment and test new techniques to increase your sales.

 So, how can you do that? One way is to create the best marketing by Stamping or Foiling on your boxes. Stamping is a process by which you can create a design on your boxes by using a die, a hammer, and a stamp pad. The process is quite similar to embossing. However, the stamping process does not require the use of an embossing machine. Foiling is a process that is used to put a thin layer of silver or gold on the packaging boxes. In some cases, other metals and even plastic can also be used.

Smooth and Classic Rigid Boxes

Get polished packaging with smooth and elegant finishing coatings. Matte, gloss, varnish, and soft-touch are just a few of the options available from Rigid cardboard boxes with LID. Choose the best packaging brand so that your sales should touch the sky of the sales graph.


It makes your wholesale rigid boxes with lids shiny and smooth. The gloss surface repels dust and shines on rigid boxes.


If you want a more subdued look, our matte finish is perfect. It makes your custom-printed wholesale rigid boxes with lids seem stylish, and it also absorbs light and captivates customers rather than reflecting it.


The varnish finish offers a nice part between glossy and matte, giving the package a professional look and final touch.

Silky Finish

Make your high-end, rigid box seem even more sumptuous with a soft-touch coating. It fascinates and mesmerizes customers.

Ending Thought

These Rigid cardboard boxes with LID are a great choice for product packaging because they are sturdy and can fit your product perfectly. When choosing a rigid box for your product packaging, keep in mind that the box should protect your product from damage during delivery and handling. Thanks for reading.

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